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Forget asking people to "join your newsletter"... The new strategy is engagement.
Dear fellow marketers,
One year ago we launched VYPER to the public. 

We wanted to create a growth hacking toolkit that generated leads, got you more social media followers and increased website traffic. 

The problem was, we had just one product in our "toolkit" (Viral Leaderboards) and no customers to start with. That's changed. The results have been nothing short of amazing.
The old way to grow a list... Vyper Toolkit is changing everything
The VYPER Toolkit Has Already Generated 2,000,000+ Leads
3,000,000+ clicks to Instagram, 100-200% increase in social media followers and 400-800% increase in Youtube followers for our 1,352 customers in less than 12 months.
One VYPER User Got 154,365 emails
from just one competition 
Viral Sweepstakes, Content Upgrades and Interactive Popups (+ all future tools)!
Forget paying monthly fees for dozens of different software offers that do list building the old way.  

The VYPER Toolkit gives you all the modern growth hacking tools you will ever need in one single interface.
What People Are Saying
3 Additional Tools That Will 10X Your Growth
The Vyper Toolkit includes Viral Sweepstakes, Viral Content Upgrades And Interactive Popups
#1 Viral Sweepstakes 
The perfect viral contest
Grow your email list and social following with fun gamification. You arrange the prize, set up a sweepstakes competition page and users complete tasks to gain points. 

By default, contestants gain points by referring friends and sharing content on social media, but you can arrange your own custom actions like viewing certain urls etc. A winner is then chosen at random, the more points a contestant has the higher the chance of winning. 
  •   Viral email list growth tool.
  •   Customizable template & CSS, built to look like your personal brand.
  •   Viral social follower growth tool.
  •   Easily pick winners after the contest is over.
  •   Advanced cheating detection automatically disqualifies cheaters.
  •   Custom actions to build all areas of your business.
#2 Viral Content Upgrades 
Forget everything you know about popups
Content Upgrades introduces viralness to classic list building
We created content upgrades on steroids.
Even if you get thousands of people to visit your site or your blog — it's a wasted effort if no one signs up for your email list.

Content upgrades help you retain those visitors by allowing them to opt-in to your list in exchange for something extra — a PDF, an e-book, a free checklist, or something similar.

And because your audience voluntarily opts in for them, they don't disturb the user experience like an automatic popup would (nor do they get penalized by Google's latest SEO penalties).
  • Gael Breton of AuthorityHacker said it was the single thing that rocked his email list.
  •  Content upgrades have helped Backlinko boost conversions by 785%.
  •  And the famous Pat Flynn saw a 500% boost in email optins per blog post due to his use of content upgrades.
And with our bonus content feature, you can incentivize users to share your content upgrades, turning every blog post into a viral traffic generation machine.

If up 'til now you've just been using tools like Leadpages' Leadboxes, you're missing out on valuable emails & traffic you could've been getting on autopilot.

After optin in you can offer even more rewards (and ways to share) to subscribers
Vyper keeps a private content archive accessible to your subscribers anytime
  •  Subscribers get their own content archive where they can access all the content upgrades they've downloaded.
  •  Deliver content users are interested in.
  •   Easy to edit 2-Step popup screen filler, scroll box and sticky 'ribbon' to deliver content upgrades.
  •  Optional Smart Optin pushes emails after users have downloaded your content (keeps list high quality).
  •  Incentivize sharing by offering readers bonus content upgrades if they take an action.
  •  Get additional referral traffic from people signing up to your email list. 
VYPER Cloud Dashboard

Access all your VYPER tools (Leaderboards, Sweepstakes, Content Upgrades & future tools) for life from inside the dashboard. The interface is intuitive and easy to use, which makes setting up your campaigns a breeze. And we're always around to help. If you get stuck at any point you can contact us through our live chat.

FREE bonus report: 7 Growth Hacks We Used To 2x Our Revenues
Our goal is to double your revenue in the next 30 days. 
Before we started VYPER, we were experts in e-commerce. Here’s what we’ve learned from our cumulative 8 years of experience
Before I started VYPER, I had built multiple e-commerce companies. My co-founder Jack, had been the outsourced CMO for several larger e-commerce companies, ranging from small $9 million startups to huge $400 million multi-national corporations. Between us, we have a lot of knowledge on every stage of e-commerce growth.

This e-book is aimed at the early stage e-commerce companies who need a little boost to get to the next level. It’s perfect for companies that have either just started, or have barely hit $15,000 in recurring monthly revenue.And that’s because a lot of these tactics really help in the early stages when you have very little money to use for growth. 

That’s when “growth hacks” are the most effective because you’re able to get traffic and conversions without having to pay an arm and a leg. Once your company starts scaling, these growth hacks begin to lose their luster as you start getting into more scalable strategies. That’s not to say all these strategies won’t work even if you have over $100,000 in recurring revenue (some of them still apply), but this guide in particular will show you the tactics as if you’re a newbie in e-commerce.

We’ll give you 7 easy to execute strategies that will either bring you more traffic, leverage your existing customers for more revenue, OR help you increase your conversions (which ultimately brings you more money).
This free report will be included with your Vyper Growth Toolkit purchase.
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