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The problem with the old way to grow your list... 
Online marketing is changing, so should your business.
As I am sure you are aware, with online marketing the money is always in the list

Tending and growing your list is an activity you should always be doing. In fact it is assumed that one email usually equals to $1/month in revenue for your business. What would you do with 10,000 emails? 

Problem is, the old ways of growing list is not the most efficient one. Here is why:
  •  Traditional list building gives no incentive for people to talk about/share your brand (this is a huge missed opportunity).
  •   Referral marketing features are not built into regular list building tools, you will not be able to get the viral lift without referral features.
  • Finally, if your no virality is included in your campaign you will be missing out on the true power of social media.
After studying virality, we developed 
the most powerful viral tool ever!
The first VYPER contest we ever ran generated over 7,000 emails and 8,000 new social media followers.

Some software developers need to do a lot of cherry picking to find good case studies. That's not us! The VYPER team took everything we knew about viral contests, acquisition and growth, then put it into our Viral Leaderboards tool. 

As soon as the Beta version of the software was ready we launched a test contest. The result speaks for itself...

  •  Emails Collected: 7,000+
  •  Instagram Followers: 850+
  •  Facebook Group Members: 350+
  •    Twitter Followers: 3,000+
  •  Pinterest Followers: 2,500+ 
  •  Youtube Subscribers: 500+
VYPER Viral Leaderboards: Grow your email list & social following dramatically with fun gamification!
Once your contestants enter your contest they can see where they stand on a "leaderboard." Contestants then try and climb the leaderboard by referring their friends, completing custom actions and following you on social media. 

Contestants can also unlock rewards by collecting a certain amounts of entry points that you choose.
Launch Viral Contests In 3 Simple Steps
Watch the video below and discover how Vyper will revolutionize your list building.
Viral Leaderboards are an addictive and fun way to grow your
email list, brand awarness
 and social following

You set the prize, fill out the  contest template page and set tasks for 
contestants to complete
to collect points. 

Your contestants get more entries by sharing your contest, referring you to  
their friends, following you on social media, and completing custom actions
that you choose.
Step 1: Create a Gorgeous Contest Landing Page
In less than 15 minutes, create a gorgeous, high-converting contest landing page

To understand the full power of the leaderboard, try the demo contest below!
World-famous Foundr magazine ran a VYPER leaderboard this month and generated over 15k subscribers. The screen shot to the left was taken while the contest was still running! 
Step 2: Your Contestants Climb the Leaderboard
Your contestants get more entry points by sharing your contest, referring you new emails, following you on social media, and completing other actions that you set/choose.
Thousands of contests have been run and our software averages over 1,300 emails per contest. And you are definitely going to be above average!
Step 3: Grow Your List Like Never Before!
While the contest is running, you will be able to see how many people opted in, how many people they referred and filter out any cheaters.

You can then sync with your favorite email service or export your list via a CSV file.
VYPER users have been getting insane results
Vyper's battlefield-tested features have already generated 1,000 leads for people like you
  •      Sales Generated: $14,000+
  •    Emails Collected: 2,229 
  •    Web Traffic: 7.2% Increase
  •    Facebook Reactions: 171% Increase
  •    Emails:  4,290+ in 15 days
  •  YouTube Followers: 2,000% increase 
  •  Facebook Followers: 3,037
  •     Emails:  8,178
  •   Social Followers: 5,235
  •   App Downloads: 100+
  •   Clicks to Website: 1,314
Make Your Contests Mobile
At Vyper we understand how many of your customers will come from mobile, so we optimized our contests pages and viral leaderboard features to work perfectly on all kinds of portable devices.
The Possibilities Are Endless...
Here are some of the campaigns you can launch with VYPER
Waiting List
About to launch a new product? Use our leaderboard as a waiting list to give priority access to the highest ranked.
List Building
Send rewards like PDFs, coupons, and other content to your customers when they refer you a certain number of emails.
Engagement Campaign
Engage your users in fun, friendly competitions to keep them interested in your products & new offerings.

Or use it for your clients!
You can also create campaigns for your offline clients
Some Of the Biggest Marketers Are Already Using Viral Leaderboard
You May Be Asking Yourself... How Does It Work So Well?
It's like catnip for humans... But seriously here's why Viral Leaderboards get such great results
The use of gamification in your business and the viral effect
Viral Leaderboards are gamified. After a contestant has opted into your competition (and email list), they immediately see where they stand on the "leaderboard." 

Contestants will fight each other, referring their friends, following you on social media or performing custom actions you set, to get to the top spot on the leaderboard. And they'll work hard to stay there (because nobody wants to be in 2nd Place).

 You can even encourage them by unlocking rewards when contestants get a certain amount of entries.
Tap into the best of word-of-mouth marketing
Word-of-mouth marketing is not only cheap, but it's one of the most effective ways to market a product. Viral Leaderboard make it easy to grow your email list and build social sharing into your core marketing strategy.
Get a lower cost per acquisition (CPA)
Because every lead you acquire is incentivized to share for you, you'll get more return for your buck. On average we see a 15% traffic lift around a competition when using Viral Leaderboards.
Generate higher lifetime value
Studies from the Wharton School of Business show that customers who refer others or are referred themselves have a 20% higher lifetime value than normal customers.
Build brand loyalty through interaction & prizes
Interact with your audience, give them rewards, and see the profits come in. Brands that interact directly with their customers see massive returns.
Free Today: Everything You Need To
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A free product called Youzign Graphics Bonanza containing hundreds of Youzign-made free graphics you can use to set up your first VYPER contest.

Graphics are a great giveaway as your visitors will always need some for their campaigns. But whats even better than graphics for your first contest? You got it, software : ) 
3. Viral Academy: How to launch products and contests with a bang ($67 Value)
The VYPER and Youzign team collaborated to create this never-released video training course on how to launch products with a bang. We were initially planning to sell it at an additional cost but decided it was way too valuable not to give it to free to our early customers. 
#4 - Free Live Webinar Training With VYPER Founder this Friday! (priceless)
And finally because we want to help you run successful Vyper contests, you can join us this week for a free webinar training where Vyper's founder Jack will take all your questions!

And of course, the webinar will be recorded and made availableto you if you can not attend live. 
That's At Least $234 Worth Of Bonuses! 
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30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
We stand behind Vyper and offer a cast iron money back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with what you’re getting today we’ll refund your money. So now you know you can try Vyper 100% risk free. 
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Vyper Viral Leaderboard
Viral Leaderboard Contest  |  Unlimited
CSV Export  |  Yes
Mail Integrations  |  Yes
Cheater Detection  |  Yes
Winner Draw  |  Yes
Confirmation Emails  |  Yes
# Of Email Exports  |  10,000
License Type  |  Lifetime
Regular Price $29/month, Today $37 Only (Lifetime)
How many email exports do I get with the Viral Leaderboard Lifetime Plan?
Viral Leaderboard Lite offers unlimited Leaderboard contests, CSV export, mail integration, cheater detection, custom entries, winner draw and confirmation emails to everyone who has opted into your contest. With this lifetime plan you can collect up to 10,000 email leads (imagine how much profit you can make with 10,000 leads). Compare plans here.
How does your system prevent contestants from cheating the system?
We have a proprietary cheating algorithm that detects cheaters and prevents them from being chosen when you go to pick the winners. We don't reveal our algorithm publicly, because if we did it would make it that much easier to game our system. We pride ourselves in being one of the most advanced cheating detection systems for contest software out there.
Which email services do we connect with?
Currently we integrate with Mailchimp, Aweber, ConvertKit and Drip. You can also export to CSV after your contest is over, which we recommend. We're working on an ActiveCampaign and many other integrations.
How does a contest look on mobile?
Currently we integrate with Mailchimp, Aweber, ConvertKit and Drip. You can also export to CSV after your contest is over, which we recommend. We're working on an ActiveCampaign and many other integrations.
How do I get access after buying?
After purchase you will be redirected to a one time offer. If you chose not to take it, simply login into your JVZoo account, click on the Vyper product link and at the bottom of the page select "Access Purchase". This will direct you to the sign up page. See registration tutorial here.
Can Viral Leaderboard help me get Facebook, Instagram and other social media followers?
Yes! After a contestant enters they're given the option to like or follow your social media pages. It's actually one of the smartest way to grow your following.
Does this work even if I have zero audience?
Viral Leaderboard Contests work no matter your audience size. If you have no audience, you just have to get creative with how you initially "seed" your contest. In our blog we go in-depth with how you can seed your contest list and see the viral growth.
What languages does VYPER support? 
We currently support English only but plan to roll out other's in the next few months. 
How do I get support? 
Simply talk to use on our live website chat or email [email protected] between Monday and Friday if you have any questions about our products. For ay billing issues please contact 
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